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Create your own special piece

Whether it’s an existing design, a variation, or a truly bespoke one off, commissioning a David Parker piece is a straight forward and enjoyable experience

After meeting you for the first time we felt assured that the engagement ring and our wedding bands were in good hands.  You did not disappoint, we love them!! You were a pleasure during every step of the process.   

― Lara & Paola Luz.

Initial contact is usually by email. Most people have some idea of what they are looking for but that’s not always the case. I make a point of responding to communications in a very timely manner – It might be hard to believe but I take your special piece as seriously as you do. Depending on the situation we may exchange ideas, drawings and refinements by email or we may arrange a meeting in order to flesh out the important elements. Something to be aware of though - If you have initiated a quote with one of the galleries I stock I do ask however that you continue to consult with them rather than personally with me, as it’s important to me to maintain an honest and open working relationship with them.


He took on the project as if it was his own, drawing on his ability to incorporate dimension and add his own artistic brilliance. David’s excellence in craftsmanship has produced a lasting, unique design. He is truly knowledgeable yet somehow manages to maintain a down-to-earth and professional manner. I was chuffed when the completed works were personally signed with their own 'dp' stamp

― Caleb Morris

Each commission is as different as the people it reflects. In some cases we may need to work through a selection of stones in order to find the one that speaks to them. I only deal with stones from reputable and ethical sources. In some cases this is assured by international treaties and the ability to trace the uncut stones directly to their source. In other cases it because of the relationships I have built with gem dealers and in some cases the miners themselves and their families. I know how important it is for people to be secure in the knowledge that their stones are ethical and I feel the same way.


Once we have resolved the design and you have approved the scale drawings then I ask for a deposit and the ‘magic’ starts. From then it’s usually two to four weeks until completion -  depending on the design.  Each piece carries the karat stamp of the metal and proudly my own dp hallmark. Obviously it is beautifully displayed in it’s own box ready to wear or present to your special someone.


I can ship both nationally and internationally.

The earrings have just arrived and they are exquisite. David your design is so beautiful and your craftsmanship of a quality that is rarely seen now. I congratulate you and strongly encourage you to total dedication to your work.

-Erica Bader

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